Weekend Style!

TGIF! Once again its time to get ready for the weekend and what better way to do it with a new outfit! This weekend we’re bringing you the perfect outfit ideas! Whether you plan to party it up or be casual and simple we’ve got the ultimate style guide!


This casual party look would be to wear during the day as well! we think the colors for the blouse are well suited for day or night, we think that the perfect jewelry to go with this look would be this bold look with these Snake Gold wrap around earrings and this Wide Brushed Hinged Gold Cuff Bracelet!

                 6516_1_big 6742_1_big

   Need a more simple look? We’ve got that too!

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Throwback Thursday Item: Silver Apple Pave Earrings

Thursday is here and you know what that means! It’s time to showcase our oldie but goodie item! This thursday our stylist have picked the the Silver Apple Pave Earrings! These cute little finds are a perfect addition to your everyday casual wear!



We think these would be perfect for any women or girl! Don’t miss out in this weeks TBT! and get you Apple earrings!

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Compatible Charms Collection!

Happy Humpday! We’re almost through the week and the weekend is almost here! If your like me and love your Pandora, Chamilia, Murano, Troll and Biagi Charm bracelets but are looking for more charms to add then we’ve got you covered! Growing up I remember I was given a charm bracelet for one of my birthdays! My favorite part was adding the different charms to represent different things i enjoyed. Here at inspired Silver we’ve custom designed a Compatible Charms Collection that you won’t find anywhere! Here are a few examples from our charm experts to you!

State Inspired

11665_1_big 11703_1_big 11701_1_big

Family Inspired

10857_1_big 10842_1_big mom

Dance Inspired 

10952_1_big 10885_1_big 10828_1_big

Music Inspired

10818_1_big 10794_1_big 10889_1_big

Sports Inspired

10971_1_big 10790_1_big 10834_1_big

Rodeo Inspired

10777_1_big 10691_1_big 10738_1_big

Pet Inspired

10850_1_big 11032_1_big 11029_1_big

Wedding Inspired

10962_1_big 10961_1_big 10960_1_big

Mommy to be

10793_1_big 10729_1_big 10767_1_big

Special Cause Inspired

11012_1_big 10958_1_big 11018_1_big

Heart Charm Inspired 

11185_1_big 11554_1_big11531_1_big


11773_1_big 10694_1_big10823_1_big

Whatever your Inspiration may be we’ve got just the right charm you’ve been looking for! Add on to your collection or give it to that special someone this is a cute way to say “I love you!” My favorite has to be the hamburger!

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Style Icon: Kate Middleton

Happy Tuesday! This week our style icon inspiration comes from the royal family. Like Diana herself who exuded grace, poise and elegance, Kate herself displays all these royal qualities making her this weeks style icon! Kate being no stranger to the royal family was first introduced to William while they both attended the University of St. Andrews, Kate attended many high profile events with the royal family before eventually becoming the duchess of Cambridge! Kate’s style took over after she became wife to William dubbed the “Kate Middleton Effect,” Kate’s combination of sophistication and modern fashion makes her style truly royal.The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits Naomi House

Kate’s simply and classy look is always highlighted by the elegant jewels she wears, Some of my favorites have to be her pearl earrings similar to the image above! Don’t miss your chance to make a royal statement and get Kate Inspired jewels below!

                        10168_1_big 10169_1_big 2218_2_big

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Storing Your Statement Rings

Summer is the time to wear those bold rings and midi rings that all the hot celebrities are wearing. I love showcasing my Inspired Silver rings however I always tend to lose all my rings or they become damaged because I don’t store them properly. Which is why you should find a great storage place for your rings! This Monday we’ll start the week off by showing you some of our favorite rings storage cases!

Simple and Useful 

11.03.08 Statement ring storage - image2


Simple little find and a more classy twist to the way to store your rings this storage case can fit with your decor look stylish and still keep your rings safe!

Elegant and sophisticated




If your rings tend to be higher in value we’d recommend this elegant and finer ring storage. It’s large enough to fit a large collection of rings. This type of store will look great in any home setting and also allows your rings to be protected with a cover!

Colorful and fun 


This ring storing method is super cute and perfect to hang on a wall. The colors as well as the borders make this ring holder one of my favorites for its colorful and different way of storing rings.



A little different never hurt anyone, and this is by far a new method to storing your rings. Who would have thought that after you’re finished with the carton of eggs there’s still plenty of use for them! The perfect DIY project and a fun unconventional method makes this one of our favorite ring storages.

Want to find your perfect statement ring to begin your collection? We’ve got you covered.

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10637_1_big 6415_1_big 6347_1_big

Weekend Sale

TGIF and we are back with another weekend items sale! This sale brings you the hottest jewelry items! From some of our new pieces to our classics.  Are you ready for the weekend we sure are! We’re getting you prepared with our stylist picks for this weekend sale!



Super classy and the color is gorgeous the golden sweet lavender ring is possibly one of the cutest rings there is! I love the color and design its so simple and elegant that it goes with a nice outfit to wear out yet its so cute and chic that its also great for day time wear!

10068_1_big The Fleur Di Lis design is so hot right now everywhere you turn there’s a celebrity wearing this design! We absolutely love it! and can’t get enough of it! this summer get this hot new trend for half the retail price! What a steal!



Last but not least this is one of our new items and now it’s on sale and it can be yours! This edgy punk look  would be perfect to spice any outfit up! You can’t go wrong with silver we sure know that! get this fabulous find only here on Inspired Silver!

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