Inspired Silver Ornaments

We’re getting geared up for Christmas and we’ve got your perfect things to hang on your Christmas Tree. Our New Christmas ornaments are super cute and the perfect bling your tree needs.

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The tree ornaments are perfect for your Christmas trees. You can get these ornaments and more in our inspired silver gift guide list! These simple and crafty ornaments features a pave heart charm, measures 2 3/4 inches long and has a loop for easy hanging.

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Holiday Inspired Charm Bracelets

Christmas is almost here and we have plenty of Inspired charms to celebrate with. We are very excited Christmas by far is our favorite holiday! Looking for stocking stuffers or gifts for those loved ones in your life. christmas festive_owlGet your favorite holiday Charm bracelets only in Inspired Silver from this design and more we’ve got what you’re looking for! The gift that keeps on giving is the smile you will see once they get their custom made Inspired Silver charm bracelet!

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NEW Jewels

“Happiness is….. wearing jewelry”  This week we’re bringing new styles, we’re seeing how these cute little necklaces are being worn by everyone. They’re perfect to wear by themselves or to to stack them up.

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These necklace designs are super cute and original these pieces are perfect to wear with basically anything. Check out some more of our new items. So get a jump start in your Christmas shopping with your fave site Inspired Silver. Check out some unique case designs in our sister site Inspired Cases!

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New Poster Designs

We’re getting ready to expand the Inspired family with our new posters, For great room decor and home look we’re bringing you great designs at an even greater price. Sometimes we need to get inspired and that’s what we try to accomplish! Check out these designs below and let us know what you think!

dreamcatcher1_poster 19308


Don’t forget to follow Inspired Posters on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter for more coming soon designs! Liked what you saw? Let us know and we’ll bring more designs.

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New Occupation Heart Charms!

What a better way to start the week of than some love! We’ve just released our new heart collection with all the things you LOVE! So wear what you love to do on your sleeve with our new Career & Occupation collection! sheriff

To all you uphold the law by being sheriffs we appreciate everything you do and this is why we want to  bring you a splash of sparkle to wear on those special occasions. optometrist (1)The Ophthalmologists have a keen eye for fashion.And they’re setting their eye on the piece


Writers are able to bring a story to life so if you are a writer of inspire to be one than this is the perfect way to!nailtechKeeping your nails looking clean and polished is hard to thank your nail technician with this nail technician heart charm bracelet .

so whether you are  an ophthalmologist or a nail tech these pieces are perfect to give as gifts or to have yourself! Make sure you follow our Facebook for the latest updates on new pieces!

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