5 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you looking for last minute gift ideas? We’ve got you covered if you didn’t have time to get started on your Christmas shopping early, it’s never too late to come up with some great ideas!

1. Spa Set

A spa set is a great idea, it’s a perfect last minute gift, many people love spa sets and use them constantly! This is a great idea and it can be found basically anywhere it’s fast and easy to find.


2. Hats

For the winter having hats is not just a fashion statement it has become a necessity, the winter gets very cold and could be potentially bad for your health so let that loved on stay warm and cozy with a hat.


3. Nail Products

Nail products are perfect for any age, specially now you can basically create a salon look right at home. This is also  a perfect gift that could be found anywhere!


4. Poster

So home decor is becoming a huge thing.Many people love to decorate their home with images that they love so I recommend a poster from our very own sister site Inspired Posters!


5. Jewelry

We obviously love anything jewelry and here at Inspired Silver were always bringing out new items get that loved one a great quality jewelry piece for a great price!


Celebrity Look: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is known for her fabulous style so it’s no wonder that we’d look to her style to showcases the best jewelry and fashion trends. Olivia was spotted wearing this gold and navy bib necklace. We just love the way she paired the two, it’s got a classic winter look written all over it. We became so inspired when we saw this look we decided to help you accomplish a similar look to Olivia’s.

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Get a similar look to Olivia’s with our Inspired Silver’s Turquoise Tile Statement Necklace. This necklace will give you the added touch you need to make your look pop! Pair it with something simple like Olivia or make it your own!

10340_1_bigIf turquoise isn’t really your color we also offer this great piece in an Ivory color. Let us know what you think of Olivia’s look and what you’d wear the Turquoise or Ivory Statement necklace with.

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Cat Lovers Collection

We added new items to our Inspired Silver collection. Since we have a line all about dogs, we figured it was only fair we did a collection on cats as well. So we launched our signature charm bracelets with images of your favorite cat breeds. So for all you cat lovers out there you will definitely love these bracelets.


20925 20926

The Oriental and Persian Cats

20927 20928

The Ragdoll Cat & Siamese Cat

20922 20923

The Bengal Cat & Birman Cat

We’re loving this collection! Don’t see your breed? Make sure let us know which your breed is and well design a charm bracelet like these. Find the rest f our animal love collection right here!

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Customer Appreciation Sale

1216_saleCustomer Appreciation sale is here, we want to thank all our Inspired Silver Friends for being active on social media and always continuing to shop in the Inspired family! We want to thank you guys so we’ve made this 25% Customer Appreciation Sale. Yes get 25% off selected items and stock up for this Christmas season. Here’s what great gems you can get:

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These are great items for you to purchase. You definitely need something with a little sparkle for these cold days! Do’t forget to get something for your loved ones too! Check out what great items we’ve got for sale!

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Vermeil Collection

Want to give something that’s great quality and will last for a long time? we recommend some of our vermeil jewelry. What is vermeil you may be asking, vermeil is essentially .925 sterling silver jewelry layered with gold. Standard plating is 2 millionths of an inch of gold over the base metal, as compared to vermeils 100 millionths of an inch over sterling silver. The result is long life gold jewelry with the exact same shine and richness of real 14 karat gold that won’t wear down as regular plated gold jewelry does. Here at Inspired silver we stride for good quality jewels! Here are some of the vermeil jewels we offer.

4758_1_big2221_1_big 1574_big 6791_1_big

These jewels are perfect for Christmas gifts of any occasion! Long lasting good quality is what you can expect from Inspired Silver. Need tips of how to care for your vermeil jewel we recommend never machine polishing or using any chemicals such as silver or gold cleaner. A simple polishing cloth is all you need to keep your jewelry looking beautiful. Need more tips or help contact us in our Facebook and well be glad to respond.

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Sister Gifts


Happy Friday! It’s almost that time of the year and if you still haven’t found the best gift for that loved one I recommend some of these items. I know it’s specially hard shopping for my sister so when I saw our sister collection it was perfect! These jewels are perfect gifts for my lovely sister! Besides you can’t go wrong with a little sparkle!

10149_1_big sister2 12254_1_big


These are only a few of the options you get with Inspired Silver check out some more in our sister collection. Which of our sparkling items would you be more incline to give your sister? comment down below and let us know. Plus don’t forget to enter our December Giveaway for your chance to win a sparkling Holiday Wreath Necklace from Inspired Silver for you AND a Friend!! That’s a $119 Retail Value!

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