Fight Like a Girl: Multiple Sclerosis

To fight like a girl is to fight hard and with all the strength you have. March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month. Those with MS fight their disease for the entire¬†year, and the rest of their lives. Featured on¬†Bustle, Abbey Schubert’s story of her mother’s condition shows the strength of a woman faced with more than her fair share of challenges. Diagnosed when she was 18 years old, Abbey’s mother began to have severe side effects, “…difficulty walking, numbness, nerve pain, and fatigue, among other problems.” Her condition got worse, and Abbey’s mother has used the help of an electric scooter since she turned 35. Although having a parent with MS is hard for some teenagers, Abbey is grateful for what she has learned from the experience: “I don’t want to call my mom’s MS a “blessing in disguise,” because that seems a bit selfish… my mother’s condition has taught both me and the rest of my family a great deal about happiness and the uncertainty of life.”

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