Top 5 Christmas Tree Ornaments

Happy Friday! We’re so excited to start decorating our Christmas Trees! What better way to end the week with out top 5 pick for the most popular tree ornaments.  A Christmas tree is like a blank canvas, which can be decorated with almost any kind of decoration. So for our top tree ornaments we’ve included ornaments that the entire family would like.

1. Children’s tree Ornaments

These cute tree ornaments are so precious, they are perfect for the entire family and the  kids will love them, this is taking their favorite movies to a whole other level!


2. Hand Painted Tree Ornaments

What a better way to include the whole family then a DIY project! Hand painted Christmas ornamets are some of my personal family activities for Christmas!

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3. Starbucks Tree Ornament

I’m totally in love with the Starbucks Tree ornaments, not only are they super adorable they are also very nice looking after all having all regular tree ornaments can be boring, so find something that you love and get an ornament!


4. Unique Design Tree Ornaments

Christmas should be fun! So make sure you represent your family and your personality in your Christmas tree having unique Christmas tree ornaments can be a perfect way to do this.

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5. Hope & Love Tree Ornaments

No better time to show love, hope and joy for the world than with these unique Inspired Silver Tree Ornaments! They make perfect gifts!

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-Silver Style Team

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