Hot New Items

We’ve got hot new items that will you go perfect with your silver style! We’ve got the latest style for you if you love our unique charms and necklaces design than you will certainly love these new styles our design team came up with!11864_1_big Unique designs

You can get an inspired silver hexagon bracelet that features a unique design! For all you cupcake lovers out there this is a perfect find!


Family Inspired

Because we know that family matters, we’re bringing you more family inspired jewels! The perfect combination of color and style with this “Glamma” bracelet!11857_2_bigSupport Inspired

Your support matters no matter at what level. Here at Inspired Silver we know that we must show support and love to those who need it!


Occupation Inspired

There are occupations that only a free are strong enough to endure. Support you family members or friends!

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