Black on Black on White?

When I think of black and white I think caviar and champagne, along with violinist and pianist serenading a room. ┬áIf you’re planning your very own elegant affair in all black and white here are a few items I’d suggest!


Black and white party favors there’s nothing better than to make the experience of your black and white soiree than leaving people with something they can remember . A party favor does just that. Something as simple and cute like this can make your party be a memorable experience. Making this is easier than you would think, you don’t have to be an expert, I know i’m definitely not but with favors all you really need is the ribbon name tags and the little boxes which can be found at any craft store! I specially think adding detail will make your black and white event better. Personalizing items also makes them more memorable to the guest!



A party wouldn’t be a party without any decorations and for the best black and white event you need to have elegant and fine decoration. A few simple and nicely incorporated items can be a great addition to your all black and white affair. For the decorations to all be complementary I recommend you use patterns as shown in the image. patterns like Polka dots and stripes are quite elegant and can make the rest of the black and white decorations blend better.



Lastly the food! The thing that most people love at parties are food, well i certainly fall into this category. Maintaining the black and white theme for your event there’s no way you can go without having your black and white dessert. I love cupcakes! Cupcakes are the perfect desert they’re very clean and don’t fill you up too much. By simply adding white frosting to a chocolate cupcake or vice versa you have created the perfect black and white illusion. If your like me and you can’t bake then there’s always a solution you can go to your local bakery and they’ll be sure to turn your black white cupcakes to reality.


Now that you have the party planned all you need is the right attire, whenever there’s an event and I haven’t gotten the right attire for it I turn to the two most elegant colors which is black and white! So inspired by all the white and black soiree idea we bring you our Black and White Sale

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