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Happy Monday to all you Jewelry lovers out there! All these time we’ve brought you great jewelry pieces for your wardrobe and how to style jewelry piece and the best outfits that go with our signature pieces. Yet we haven’t brought you places where you can keep your jewelry safe and protect it from getting damaged. Today we will show you our top picks for jewelry organizers and the best ones to keep your fabulous jewels in! I’ve noticed that one of the most unique places where to get authentic and great finds has to be etsy their filled with lots of vintage items anything that you want you find you probably can in etsy.

The first Jewelry organizer caught my eye because its pretty big and is hidden this wall frame mountain jewelry organizer keeps all your sparkling items safe and isn’t taking up space in your vanity because you can disguise it with a great portrait! If you’re the type that likes to keep your house clutter free or if your place is smaller and cozy and you would want to add more pieces this type of organizer is perfect for you.

il_570xN.581768150_12s9 (1)If you’re looking for something to also go on your wall so it doesn’t take too much space but can have easy access than this would be a perfect jewelry organizer for your style! This jewelry organizer has the perfect vintage feel and it’s easy access and convenient plus you can fit a lot of jewels in there! If you have unique and precious jewels you’d like to display but you don’t have much room this is a great solution for you.

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If your style is more bold and centered around home decor a perfect type of organizer for you has to a tree jewelry organizer! These organizers are perfect for having as home decor and also keeping your jewelry items safe, while adding some glam components to your home.


This last one is for all the vintage collectors out there! One of the main things I remember growing up was going through my mom’s jewelry box, it always had the most important and cute pieces that she loved. Her box was wooden, and had a beautiful glass top. For those of you who have fond memories of your mothers jewelry when you were small than this one is sure to be a fit for you!


Which of these jewelry organizers best fit your style?

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(Images Credit: Etsy)

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