20 for 20 Sale

Once again we bring you our signature 20 for under 20 sale! 20 fabulous finds all for under 20 dollars! What can you find, well some of most luxury items for a more discounted price! One of my personal favorites is now on sale! Some of my personal picks for this 20 for 20 sale have to be the items below!

The Kate’s Sapphire Oval Cut Ring has to be my ultimate favorite because its so classy and cute! Inspired by the duchess  Kate and Princess Diana this really has to be a timeless piece!



Another fab item on sale has to be the Crystal Spotlight Gold Stretch Bracelet is super cute to sparkle any outfit up! The bracelet features a stretch exterior and it’s covered in 26 carats of Cubic Zirconia stones! This is a glamourous way to glam up your party wardrobe!

Sparkle Jewel

The final of my favorite Inspired Silver Sale finds is the Night Out Sparkling Bracelet, whose name says it all sparkle and glam up your night look with this bold cuff inspired bracelet! Bold jewels are the perfect way to spice up your casual night time look!

sparkle braceelt

Check out all the items for sale and let us know which would ultimately be your top pick cause quite frankly  I can’t decide!

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