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We’re featuring some of our clearance items, while looking through the different styles I noticed that they are all very similar in a way. I’m completely loving charm bracelets right now, growing up I had a charm bracelet which had charms that i’d collect whenever I went to a different state or city or any new place! That’s why seeing these charm bracelets brought back memories! Our charm bracelets featured a simple and classy style that you can wear for any occasion is that added pop to your wardrobe that you’ve been looking for! Right now our sale items consist of following bracelets below.

10136_1_bigMy favorite has to be this navy themed bracelet with the letter hope. I love this classic navy look and when I see it i think of a perfect outfit to go along with it, I would pick red, navy and white colors to make this cute sailor themed bracelet stand out! I just thinks its a cute classy statement to any look!

7494_1_bigThe hero bracelet! coated with a stainless steel finish and the hero charm twist bracelet has a cute blue and gold star! This bracelet is dedicated to that every day hero in your life, mom, daughter or grandmother this makes a great everyday gift!

8219_2_bigLastly this bracelet caught my eye because of what it contains, music is such a big part of my life and its one of the things that inspired people and for others it’s a way to have fun! Who doesn’t love music, whichever one it may be music should be ┬ácelebrated!

There are more find that are super cute and are on sale now. Want more? Click here!




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