World Environment Day

On this day we celebrate environment day where we encourage you to go out and do something for your environment whether it’s recycling or planting a tree show your support today!


Inspired Silver Garden

Here at our offices the Inspired Silver team loves nature, we just adore flowers, and planting. While planting is hard work specially in a desert maintaining a garden no matter how small is a great way to be water smart, we do this by watering once in the morning as recommended by the water department. Being water smart is a great way to help during the world environment day, You may think that water is an unlimited source but it’s really not. We must use water smart tips and recommendations to help preserve and maintain a clean ocean specially for all the sea animals!

Learn more about the meaning of World Environment Day and how you can help here!

photo 5


Because we were so inspired by nature and I am obsessed with  lady bugs! We staged our new Golden Lady Bug Studs on top of a faux flower! What will you guys do on today to preserve the earth? Give us your Ideas below.

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