Inspiration of the Week: Turquoise

Summer brings new inspiration and trends, ¬†throughout the years ¬†we’ve seen some come and others we’re glad went away, like the mom jeans and the 80’s flair hair. This summer im inspired by bold looks and bold colors every fashion magazine points to statement pieces as well as fashion statements. The best way to show your personality is through your style, it shows confidence and poise and that your ready to take on anything. Our fashionable look this week features a bold green and teal earring paired with a polka dot look and some great shades! These earrings are perfect way to make your outfit more bold and and fun!

TPBy3d0wFD5asQcAogAkwSfHGHY4BLjBaH8YX6egEh8We just love Breanna’s look with the added bow feature she looks super girly. This look if definetly her style with bright colors and fun fashion!

6535_1_bigWhich Inspired Silver bold item would your look include tell us below and we’ll feature it in our Silver Style blog!

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