Pick of the Week: White Hot Heart Earrings

Growing up I was so into hoop earrings and dangling earrings, don’t get me wrong these are still styles i go to, however as I’ve grown my taste has evolved from hoop earrings to stud earrings. I am so in love with stud earrings. I think they are classy and extremely fun without overpowering your outfit. I’ve noticed that stud earrings come in all types of designs like bows, gold, skulls, cute little owls and more! That’s why our pick of this week goes to the White Hot Heart Earrings

ebQ38d13RmNy4pDFxmZPqZyMltL_iJUQ6RRbRb6ul2UThese cute stud earrings are so adorable! Not only are they gold and white which is perfect for anytime wear. but they also have a rose gold metal tint to it. I know that rose gold is huge right now!

My perfect wear with these would have to be a red blouse either distressed jeans or shorts and a cute pair or beige wedges! Pairing these with red will make this color stand out a lot and for a cute summer fun look i adore wearing wedges! you can have the added height without the pain of regular heels!

Get these White Hot Heart Earrings from inspired silver and tell us what would be your favorite look for them! We’re always looking for more style ideas!



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