Great Dad Gifts!

It’s that time of the year again when we honor the person who manned the grills, chased our boyfriends away and always protected us, our dads! That one person that would alway be there no matter what and let you have a cookie even when mom said no! Because it’s dear old dad’s day and lets face it men are very difficult to shop for we brought a couple of gift ideas for  dad!

It’s very hard to find that special something to let your dad know how much he truly means. So what’s the best gift?


When it comes to watches for men something black and classy always comes to mind You don’t want something too flashy because lets be honest that probably not “dad” style. You do want something that is like him unique and timeless! I really love our Mens White Large Face Sports Watch, its very unique and looks durable, for all kinds of wear and tear.




I don’t know why but my dad runs through wallets quite quickly! I’ve noticed that he has to get a wallet almost every 2 months, So for dad I recommend a good sturdy wallet that will be dad proof and also stylish.  I definitely think a brand like Tommy Hilfiger brings the style and durability element that I look for in my dad’s wallet.




What better gift during the hot summer than some awesome sunglasses perfect to style dad up!  I think that sunglasses is a necessary item for dad’s this summer not only are they great for the sun they’ll make dad look super cool! I specially love aviator sunglasses, and they’d be a perfect gift for any dad!



The “Coin”

My forgetful dad is always losing his card or leaving it at home and it ends up being that i pick up the tabs sometimes… I still don’t know if he does that on purpose! Whatever the case may be this year i’ve decided that maybe i could invest in this card where he could incorporate all his other cards! It’s a stretch but hopefully he wont lose that one!




If you see your dad wearing a suit 75% of the time than this gift is for you! I love it when my dad wears a suit and pairs it up with a funky tie or cufflinks, I guess thats his way of making his personality shine through atypically boring suit! I just saw the cutest cufflinks that resemble an iphone and though they’d be the perfect gift for any dad!



Whether your dad’s a stylish dad a forgetful dad or a funny dad I think all these are great gift ideas for dad! Let us know what you’re planning on giving your dear ol’ dad on his special day!

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