Make An Outfit Statement!

This summer the hottest trend out there is the statement necklace! Wide variety of colors, length and styles. Statement necklaces have been features in the hottest fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, Seventeen Magazine and InStyle. This is a fashion must have that we just can’t get enough of! While there are many celebrities that are rocking these fab looks, like heidi klum we sometimes wonder whats color is the best?


There are really plenty of colors to choose from and definitely lots of styles, I usually go with a bold color that will go great with my skin tone, plus I really like bold designs! We’ve recently added a new addition to the the Inspired Silver Statement pieces look.

A cute color has to be mint!  Mint is a great color that can be paired with any other color, I usually perfect to pair mint with either royal blue or white like below these colors just make the mint necklace stand out even more!


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Or you can go with a bold bubble orange and gold look like with our Elegant Orange CZ Collar Necklace

Z8tjuJDr7eq2gbnXrDbHyw8pkKJ-XQhlWfeXHS5E5FEThis is one of the most popular looks we have so far I really love the gold detail and the added Cubic Zirconia to it!  This is perfect with jeans or even a cute summer dress! Orange is a huge color that’s trending along with corals. This is a necessary item to include to your summer wardrobe!

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