Inspiration of the Week: Tank Top Fashion

This week Inspired Silver is holding a $10 & under sale that is featuring many of my favorite pieces and colors for this summer fashion. If its one thing I’ve noticed is that summer fashion is very colorful and fun. Many of my favorite summer colors are neon colors and bold colors that stand out, plus no one wants to wear black while in the sun. While out and about exploring the hot city, I’ve  spotted many shorts and tanks that I adore. Tank tops are perfect for summer, I think its the a great look when you don’t want to spend too much time looking for an outfit. It’s usually hard to pair jewelry with a tank so here are some style ideas for your favorite tank selection!

Neon Tank Top

Neon Green is one of my favorite colors for the summer this color is very fun and makes your look pop! Green isn’t the only neon out there so if you find your favorite make sure you follow the jewelry tips below to make a perfect outfit!



The best jewelry that would go with this great color is something cute and simple and you can pair this with some high waisted shorts, and sandals! I fully recommend the Golden Wings Pendant Necklace, the gold and neon go perfectly together while just adding a simple touch to an already bold color!


White Tank Top

The white tank has to be the perfect summer wear out there! White is a classy color that can be worn day or night. For a day time I suggest pairing the this top with a pair of distressed shorts and either some cute summer wedges or fab gladiator sandals! For an evening look i suggest pairing it with a dark blue distressed denim skinny jeans, and some great black pumps!


The best jewelry selection i suggest for this contemporary look would have to be Large Pink Stone Stretch Ring this ring is super cute and simple plus it has the necessary pop of color to integrate to this look!


Classy Tank Top

Another favorite tank tops of mine has to be a classy look tank top that is super cute for day time yet its a bit more professional when you’re feeling in the NY business fashion mood! This look is perfect because it looks classy without incorporating all those layers because lets be honest no one wants to wear a suit in the middle of June or July! So if you still want to maintain the casual of summer and look really elegant and classy incorporate one of these tank tops into your wardrobe!



For this elegant casual look i suggest a jewelry thats more subtle and with a shiny silver finish. I think a cute style like the Silver Starfish Dangle Earrings provide that cute summer element while not overpowering the shirt.



Let us know your favorite summer outfit and which Inspired Silver jewel you’d pair it up! Plus like our Google Plus where you will find all updates of our SIlver Style Blog

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