Getaway Must Haves!

Lanikai Beach,Whitehaven Beach,  or Flamenco Beach Just some of the places that comes to mind when I think of paradise. This summer season the best getaway you can get is relaxing by the beach enjoying a cool drink.  If your looking for the best beach accessories to get you beach ready, I’ve got a list of must haves for your dream getaway. So make sure you put in your vacation request early because these are places that you can’t miss and items you must get!Marine life

Planning the perfect getaway this summer I’ve got a MUST list that you need for the perfect beach getaway! When i think of a beach I think of sunny, warm afternoons with the sand between your toes and making lots of sand castles. I can’t imagine a better place to relax than in the beach, looking at the crisp cool water, and enjoying the best seafood imaginable! If you are planning of a beach vacation there are some must haves that you definitely need!!

The most necessary accessorize when it comes to this summer getaway plans! Not only are they the best accessories but they also protect from the sun! Our sister site Inspired Shades always has the best shades on sale! My current favorite ones are the Valerie Shades! I’m just so obsessed with this flower print!





For the next beach must have the essential summer piece a bathing suit! there’s no way that you can enjoy the beach in any regular wear, a bathing suit is a must have plus a bathing suit can be a perfect way for you to stand out and definitely show your style. My favorite type of bathing suits are the high waisted bathing suit. The latest retro trend and its amazing for any figure!


Bottle of suncreen on a sunny beach beside the ocean.


This item is the one thing you cannot forget to pack or you’ll definitely regret it, your sunscreen of course! There’s no better way to enjoy your vacation than without a major sunburn afterwards! SPF 50 or better and you can’t go wrong!




Last but definitely not least earrings!  Yep I think earrings are the best accessories when you’re at the beach! earrings make you feel really girly even when you’re not wearing makeup, because let’s be honest no one wants to cake up the face at the beach specially if you’ll be swimming all day long! This is why my go  to accessory has to be earrings! My favorite right now are the Coral Starfish Dangle Earrings. They are the perfect coral color plus they are a cute beach accessory! If coral is not your color then we also got them in Teal!

Got anymore getaway must haves! Comment down below and let us know!


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