Caring for your Inspired Silver Jewelry!

unnamed-2My lesson started when i bought a beautiful rosegold necklace, two weeks ago. I wore this everywhere, it had a heart and in the middle a beautiful stone, I never took it off and after  a couple of days i noticed that it was looking a little worn down so I did the worst thing possible I cleaned it with windex which is completely bad! I however thought this would make it shiny and cleaner, i was completely wrong! I ruined one of my favorite pieces of jewelry! This gave me an idea to help everyone out there who was just like me and doesn’t know the proper jewelry maintenance.

Here are a few tips that I think will keep your jewelry lasting for a pretty long time. Keep in mind that windex  never works, however another thing  that I didn’t know was that your jewelry has to come of at night. Thats one of the most important things that I think most people forget specially with hectic day to day schedules. I recommend that if you’re like me you should set a reminder on your phone, that way you will never forget!

More of jewelry care 101 Do’s and Don’ts, some which I am guilty of committing, and you should avoid are:

1. Avoid contact with household cleaning agents, like lotions, perfume, hairspray, and other alcohol based beauty products.

2. ALWAYS remove jewelry before bed, swimming or taking a bath.

3.Clean your jewelry regularly with a polishing cloth

4. Store jewelry in an anti tarnish bag.

5. Last but not least; use a restoring spray to keep all your jewels brilliant and shiny!

Looking for a kit we’ve got you covered!

Make sure to always keep your jewelry sparkling with these care tips and if you have any more Jewelry Care 101 Don’ts, leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to share!



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