Between the Finger Rings

Trend Alert! We recently noticed that everywhere we looked there they were in magazines billboards and advertisement on YouTube! We’re talking about the between the fingers rings! These new style of rings are becoming a huge hit! because if their crazy styles and their fun looks the  between the finger rings are super cute new way to make your fashion statement!

5931_1_bigThis new trend speaks for itself! The Open Cross Ring gives you that edgy addition to your style! I picture leather jackets and spike boots every time i see this piece. What make sit perfect( if you’ve never worn between the finger rings) is that it doesn’t fall off! with a stainless steel finish and a lot of bling to match this piece is the perfect mix between edgy and classy!

5917_1_bigNow if your style is a bit more earthy and boho chic then I recoommend you get the Hamsa Two Finger Ring! Its perfect for that wild child look, plus its got great colors that you can match it with. we just love the teal accent the it provides along with the cubic Zirconia stones it features. You can never go wrong with a Hamsa look!





If your still not all thrilled with the between the fingers look we got one thats not too edgy but still has the look incorporated the Silver Owl Three finger Ring features a unique style that you can wear day or night. Plus the Owl is adorned with multiple sparkling gemstones. This triple finger ring is also adjustable made to fit your finger!


 Click here for more ring styles!



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