State Pride Bracelets

We are soon approaching the big birthday of America where we all claimed our independent. There’s no better way to celebrate than to represent your home state! Every state provides a uniqueness that completes the circle! From the cool beaches of California to the buzzing city of New York! Every state contribute some form of greatness!

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My top 5 Favorite states have to be

1. New York
2. California
3. Nevada
5. Texas 


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New York which has one of the greatest and most important cities NYC, with their busy street, they hussle of people day to day the great food and many fashion activities, there’s no wonder why New York is a huge powerhouse. Many of the top fashion activities are hosted in this great city! From their edgy and unique looks are are the essence of true NYC culture. Plus they are home of THE best pizza! How can you not love New York

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California just the name brings memories of fun times at the beach and laughter in the of Santa Monica Pier. The laid back Boho chic look and Coachella styles are the essence of true California “swag”! Home of the best sea food and vast culture, there is no place like California!

vegasThe Silver state of Nevada although you might think of a barren desert when you hear Nevada you are wrong! Nevada has a great kept secret, a cute little city by the name of Las Vegas. With a big reputation and a small town there bound to be trouble! Home of great 5 star resorts and restaurant, a true hidden treasure with the best experience factor to provide. I  hope that what happens there doesn’t stay there we’d love to learn more!


Washington named after our great President what else could be better plus it provides one Everything is bigger in Texas! who could forget the of the rainiest and most beautiful cities Seattle! The emerald city because of the wonder and mystery it provides . Home of the techies, Seattle has the highest tech jobs in the country! What a great city!

dallas te

Second largest state where everything is big from your hair to your boots you can’t mess with Texas. The best part of the great state is their amazing Texas BBQ! Texas culture is the best from line dancing to southern bells there no place like Texas!

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