April Showers

April Showers will bring May flowers and we are waiting for it to pour! While we wait for these May flowers we shower you with an April shower of jewels! What can you expect our favorite inspiration of the bluest jewels, because lets face it when it comes to rain we all get a little blue. Instead of getting blue we encourage you to wear it!!


For this month of April the best jewels you can wear are the right here on Inspired Silver!




The blue hombre necklace one of our favorite signature statement pieces it’s fun bright blue color can be paired with any outfit bright colorful outfit. The different colors of blue which flow from the deepest blue to the lightes sky blue. This bold statement necklace features a pair of matching bead earrings.


Following our love of the hombre this blue stainless steel necklace, our Paradise blue Pendant truly lives up to the its name reminding us of those beautiful beaches in Hawaii the paradise necklace is perfect fro pool side wear!


These bold teal and blue earrings are the best color combo not only can you pair this with a great black dress but I would totally wear a nude dress with these bold earrings they are 3 inches long which is perfect length . These earrings remind me of the bold pieces celebrities wear during award seasons.


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