7 Silver Gifts for the Upcoming Grad!

Its that wonderful time again for our students, yes graduation!! Congrats Grads for making it this far!! School is one of the toughest bets experiences I’ve had. I learned a great deal of tool that I apply daily, no to mention all the fun parties!! Now that our grads are off to the real worlds and will join the working force we want to celebrate their achievement and congratulate all their hard work. Still undecided on the perfect gift for your grad we’ve got great picks!

1. Inspirational Necklaces

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What a better way to send off a grad than with a little bit of love and hope! These necklaces are perfect for that big walk! And as women we know we only get two of those.

2. University Bracelets

5401_1_big 5396_1_big

We all want to remember our alma mater, help them remember their with our dazzling! If bracelets aren’t their style we also got University necklaces!

3. Statement Pieces

6498_1_big 6468_1_big

No better way to have a grad make a statement on the world than with their own statement! Get more of our statement pieces here!

4. Sparkle Pieces


Have your grad sparkle bright on their special day with our sparkling collections, there’s no better way to catch attention than with these rocks!

5. Time Pieces

6221_1_big 5929_1_big

So they are always fashionable but never late! These Time pieces are perfect for on time arrivals!

6. Color Pieces


These are just some cute pieces we love, which would be perfect for anything!! So give them a pop of color to brighten up their day!

7. Silver Finds

35_big 28_big

Cute and classy are just a few words that explain our cute silver finds the Tiffany inspired bracelet is made with .925 sterling silver and finished with rhodium for a simple and dazzling mien, super cute!

Someone special told me the best way to predict the future is to create it! Help your grad create a great impression with these fab pieces! Find more styles on our Facebook and Twitter!



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