To Protect and Serve


Honor the men and women who protect our communities

“Honor, Respect, Integrity. To Protect and Serve.”

Day to day Police officers risk their lives. With a sworn oath to protect those who cannot protect themselves, they make our communities and cities safe and peaceful. We commend all the hard work that these officers do, and encourage you to get involved in your community. Give back to others and show your support to these brave and women with our great Awareness pieces!

9454_1_bigOur Police Officer Twist Bangle Bracelet features an internal loop design with the words “Honor, Respect, Integrity. ‘To Protect and Serve.'” engraved along the entire bracelet! This beautiful piece is complimented with a police badge charm with a blue enamel finish!




The Police Blue Badge Necklace features a blue center stone and enamel accents. 5699_1_big The oval link chain measures 18 inches. its perfect for female officers or the mothers, daughters and wife’s of male officers! A great piece to keep close to your heart!





6417_1_bigBlue Police Badge Classic Braided Bracelet contains a blue center stone and enamel accents. This bracelet measures 7 1/2 inches long. This beautiful color is fun and stylish!




Blue Police Badge Earrings features a blue center stone and enamel accents. 6813_1_bigThey come with a french hook clasp for comfort. Buy one or get all three these are really great pieces and will showcase your support!





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