Trend Alert: Fashion for 2014!

Happy Friday Jewelry Lovers! Today I wanted to mix it up and give you some of my favorite looks and trends for 2014. Check them out below!


Wordplay Shirts. I love wordplay shirts just because I think they add a certain kick to your style! You can wear them with jeans if you’re dressing casually or pair them with a skater skirt and blazer! With jewelry for word play shirts you don’t want to wear too much simply because it distracts from your outfit and then you have one big distraction going on and it’s a ticket to the worst dressed list! I usually pair my wordplay shirts with a ring, one of my favorites is the Inspired Silver  Petite Solitaire Knot Ring. It’s not too much and it adds a little something if you think you need jewelry!


Asymmetrical Skirts. I love the asymmetrical skirt style because it’s bold and daring. With Asymmetrical skirts you want to pair them with either a cute crop top or a cute fitted tee. For jewelry I would pair it with a statement necklace or a cocktail ring like Inspired Silver’s Large Oval Onyx Cocktail Ring.


Leather. I love all things leather, leather leggings, leather pants, leather jackets, and leather shirts, you name it. Leather gives you that awesome daring rocker look. I think leather leggings look great with an oversized t-shirt or a relaxed tank top. With this look I’d definitely pair it with a statement necklace. I love Inspired Silvers Silver Circle Bib Necklace, it gives your outfit that pop you’re looking for!

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