Inspired Friends is BACK!

Inspired Friends ImageWelcome everybody to Inspired Friends! We are so excited to bring back one of the most exciting giveaways we’ve ever done!

This time around, things are a little easier to understand and the prizes are bigger and better than ever. When you become an official Inspired Friend, you will be given a personal invite link.  This link is your ticket to free jewelry! You can send this link to all your friends and everyone else you know. For each friend that uses your link to sign up as an Inspired Friend gives you 1 point. You can then exchange your points for jewelry! (note – sign-ups from the same computer or IP address may not give you a point due to security reasons).

The free jewelry costs range from 10 points to 55 points. The more friends you get to sign up, the faster you get more jewelry! Your friends can also play. Once they sign up they will also recieve a personal invite link to use to share with their friends!

Check out the step below and get ready to spread the word! Welcome to Inspired Friends!

Step 1: Tell us who you are!

Sign up at the Inspired Friends sign up page.

Inspired Friends

Step 2. Register for your Inspired Friends Account!

After you complete your registration you will receive an email from us. This is a very important email so keep it for reference! This email will provide you with your personal invite link. This is for you, and you alone – it is your ticket to start earning points.


Step 3: Login to your Inspired Friends Profile!

Do this by clicking on the second link in your welcome email, this will bring you to your profile login page. You can also click here to login to Inspired Friends.

Login page

Step 4: Set your address!

You will now be on the Inspired Friends Profile page. The first thing you need to do is tell us where to send all the jewelry you earn. You do this by clicking “Set Address” — we ship out your jewelry at the end of the month.

This page will also show you several pieces of information about your account.

  • Your Personal Invite Link (the link you send to your friends)
  • Your Referral Signups (which of your friends have signed up using your link)
  • Your Rewards (1 point for each friend)
  • Redeem Points (use this button to cash in those points!)

Every time one of your friends signs up you will receive an Inspired Friends Reward Notification. This will go to the email you used to register your account.

Inspired Friends Login screen

Step 5: Redeem those points!

You can do this by clicking the bright pink “Claim Rewards!” button in the upper left side of your profile. Once you click the “Claim Rewards!” button, a pop up window will appear.

You can see all the rewards for that month (they change all the time) in the Claim Your Reward! screen. Just click the name of the jewelry to see a picture or to use your points to claim it.

Inspired Friends Prizes

You don’t spend any points until you click the “CLAIM THIS REWARD” button. Once that happens, you will see a notification that says “Thank you for submitting your reward choice.” You can claim an unlimited number of rewards, as long as you have the points! (You won’t get any other confirmation after you click the Claim this reward button.)

We’ll package up every piece of jewelry you’ve claimed at the end of the month and ship it to you – FOR FREE!

No hidden charges, no extra fees – just a little reward for all of our Inspired Friends, who continue to inspire us all the time!

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