Trend Alert: Stud Earrings!

Throughout the past few months we have looked over many trends, styles, fads and collections. We have gone over things like rose gold, nail polish colors, stretch rings, mesh, cross pendants and much much more. One very important thing we have also talked about is several pieces of jewelry that every girl should have. Some of those include a pearl necklace, cocktail ring and a key pendant. Our next Trend Alert focuses on a reoccurring trend, rather than a style that will be in this month and out the next – Stud Earrings!

inspired silver studs

Stud earrings, like the strand of pearls are just one thing that no matter what you are wearing, or what wardrobe problem you are having, they will fix it. Whether you are a ‘more is less’ kinda girl or a ‘less is more’ kinda girl, stud earrings are your best friend. Highlighted above are some of my absolutely favorite ones that we have at Inspired Silver right now. They represent an array of colors, designs, materials and looks (styles listed below).

To best illustrate this must have trend is Stud Earring poster girl, Kim Kardashian. Love her or hate her, she wears this trend beautifully. Shown below is Kim K. with three great hair styles that all show off her gorgeous studs – long waves, pony tail and a messy up-do. There is no limit when it comes to studs!

kim kardashian stud earrings

I hope you love our collection as much as I do and take advantage of this fun trend soon!

Styles Pictured above (left to right):

Top: The Pink Round Cut Studs, Two Tone Heart Earrings, Fleur de Lis Stud Earrings – Antique Finish and the Golden Flower Earrings.

Middle: The Silver Star Flower Earrings and the Pave Fireball Stud Earrings.

Bottom: Koko’s Circle Earrings, Pave Clip On Earrings and the 7mm Gold Square CZ Studs.

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