Trend Alert: Rose Gold!

ginnifer goodwin rose gold jewelryHappy Thursday Jewelry Lovers! Today I just wanted to go over a hot new trend with you… Rose Gold! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Rose Gold let me inform you. We all know that pure gold is yellow-ish in color, but colored gold can be made into tons of other colors. These colors (like Rose) can be made by alloying gold with other elements in different proportions. So mix a few fun ingredients together, and you have yourself a stunning shade of rose!

The best thing about this shades is that it will compliment literally ANY skin tone… now that’s a hard thing to do! Personally, I’m so pale that wearing gold is a harder thing for me to do, but Rose Gold on the other hand is my new best friend! Shown to the left is actress Ginnifer Goodwin in a stunning Ivanka Trump Collection rose gold necklace.

There are many ways to rock this trend without spending thousands on designer pieces. Shown below are some of our favorite rose gold pieces, we hope you love them!

Rose gold jewelry inspired silver

1. Tri-Tone Stainless Bangles 2. Rose Gold Plated Eternity Band 3. Rocky Ring

4.Tri-Toned Floating Hearts Necklace 5. Tri-Tone Love Bracelet 6. Triple Glam Ring

rose gold triple pave rolling ringI should wrap up this post by saying that Rose Gold is so much more than a trend. Some people swear by silver and some by gold, but in my opinion it’s definitely worth the time to see what you think of a piece like this. Most rose gold jewelry you find will retail for hundreds if not thousands of dollars which is why we are continuing to build our Inspired Collection for you! Feeling brave? Kick start your own Rose Gold collection with this to die for Triple Pave Rolling Ring!

Happy Shopping and Happy Summer Jewelry Lovers,


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