Now introducing… Inspired Silver Social Sales!

inspired silver sale photoOk jewelry lovers you all that feeling you get when you  see a big bright SALE sign in the window of your favorite store. It’s great right?! Well what if you had the power to visit your favorite website and decide what you wanted to be on sale? Sound fun? Well we are making it happen starting this week at!!!

We are very excited to introduce our brand new Social Sales! In the past few months we have seen our community grow and develop on Facebook and could not be more happy. We are always looking for more ways to incorporate you, our amazing customers into how we brand our business so here’s your chance!

The first Social Sale will start today, Tuesday May 5th. It will consist of 3 hot items from the Inspired Silver website put into the Social Sale Album on our Facebook wall. Throughout the rest of the week and weekend you guys will be able to tell us which of the three items are your favorite, so make sure to ONLY VOTE ONCE! Next tuesday the polls will stop, and the piece with the most Facebook Likes and comments will win! What does that mean you might ask? The top item chosen will then go on sale at 50% off for 48 hours just for you guys!

Here’s the fun part… this week it was our choice, but next week its yours!! Also starting today make sure to post your FAVORITE inspired silver item on our Facebook wall. Get your friends to like it or post their favorite as well and next week the top 3 items posted on our wall will be the next social sale!!

Vote Now!


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