Opinion Topic: How far does your wedding ring travel?

Ok jewelry lovers we have a question for you! Over the past couple months with all the engagement and wedding news in the air we have come to hear that replacement wedding bands / rings have become quite popular! After asking a few different ladies what their opinion was on this, I’m getting some great info.

celebrity wedding rings reese witherspoon kristin cavelleriOne of the most popular responses was that some ladies don’t like wearing their rings to the gym… understandable in my book! To our left are newly married Reese Witherspoon and newly engaged Kristin Cavallari both sporting their gorgeous rings. Reese opts to leave her 4-carat, $250,000 Ashoka cut diamond ring at home and just go with the wedding bands while Kristin decides to take hers along (and who could blame her with that brand new 3-carat asscher cut rock).

While the vote seems to be half and half on wearing your bling to the gym, another response we got was about travel. Most of the ladies we talked to said they do indeed wear replacement rings when traveling over seas. I have heard horror stories of ladies loosing their rings while swimming in the ocean, getting pushed through crowds in Europe and even after a tumble skiing in the alps. I think that taking into account where you are headed demographically and what the safety level is, is also important.

inspired silver wedding setsShown above are a few selections from our Engagement Ring and Wedding Sets collection. They are all under $60 and compare beautifully to some of the most stunning rings out there. Cubic Zirconia can be a life saver! Your ring is one of the most special pieces of jewelry you will ever own, we want to make sure you are taking the best care possible of it. So what do you think ladies? We would love to know more about your thoughts and feelings on this topic.

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