The Last of the Royal Winners!

free jewelry from inspired silverOnce again jewelry lovers, we want to thank you for such an amazing week! When we think back in 10 years about the royal wedding, we will definitely think of all of you and your participation in this special giveaway.

As much as we wish we could give you all royal jewels, we only have so much to spread. We had hundreds of entries into the giveaway over the week and can not thank you all enough for entering. The following lists are the final winners for the Royal Jewelry giveaway. We decided to give the rest of the earrings out to those of you who posted about what charity you would donate to. To us, that is a lot more meaningful than more Royal Trivia. Congrats to the following people and to this weeks previous winners, we couldn’t be who we are without you! xoxo

For the Royal Ring: Wendie Lather, Alice Garcia and Danielle Todd!

For the Royal Studs: Mai Renyolds, Stephanie Blount and Terri Berden!

For the big O necklaces: Abby Murphy, Mary Broussard, Nicole Adam, Sue Kitchell, Krista Brewer, Elizabeth Joho, Tanya Juergens, Danielle Goodman, Judy Craig, Megan Hughes, Tanya Garner, Mikita Shrestha, Nicole Carter, Joi Berni and Chrissie Braddok!

Congrats once again everybody! Please email your shipping address and phone #!



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