What would Rachel say?

Over the past several years I have come to admire and rely on Rachel Zoe for every day fashion advice. Rachel came into my life back in 2008 when I ran, yes literally ran, into her at Fashion Week in New York. At first it was the gobbs of jewelry on this extremely tiny lady that caught my eye, but once I took a better look I realized that every inch of this person was fashion perfection.. head to toe.

rachel-zoeNow, ever so curious as to whom I accidentally trampled running to the Michael Kors runway I started asking around. It did not take me long to find an answer. Soon after I became aware of the quickly growing Rachel Zoe empire.

Over the past several years we have seen Rachel grow into far more than a celebrity red carpet stylist. She has launched a jewelry line with QVC, participated in numerous fashion events for charity and now stars in a Bravo TV reality show called The Rachel Zoe Project.

The point in case of this blog post is not to ramble on about my obsession with Rachel, but more about how hilarious some of the things she says are. See what i’m talking about:

So I figured it would be fun to introduce a new blog series dedicated to Rachel and her endless style and fashion inspiration. These pieces will be designer inspired and will all be rated with the most appropriate Zoe-ism:
rachel zoe - ism
Are you a Team Zoe fan? What is your favorite Zoe-ism, I would love to know! Until next time Jewelry Lovers, have a great weekend!

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