Jewelry Care 101: Cleaning Sterling Silver!

Okay ladies and gents, with all of the free Inspired Friends jewelry coming your way it’s time for our next round of Jewelry Care 101! Todays topic: Cleaning your Sterling Silver¬†Jewelry.

Inspired Silver Jewelry Cleaning Kit

The Problem: Sterling silver reacts with moisture to form a layer of tarnish or oxidation on its surface. Simple as that. It’s pretty hard to prevent, so the best thing you can do is just practice good up keeping skills!¬†The Solution: baking soda activated by boiling water in the presence of aluminum, will dislodge the tarnish by making it bind with the aluminum, leaving the sterling silver clean and shiny again. One more thing that can help with up keep is our Jewelry Cleaning Kit!

You can also check out the video below. This is a great step by step process of how to utilize household ingredients to clean your jewelry. Enjoy!

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