Jewelry Care 101: Storage!

Ok ladies and gents, the best part about having a jewelry collection is being able to access it easily. One of the most rewarding feelings (at least to me) is being able to pull out my whole collection and gaze over the selection in front of me.

In this Jewelry Care 101 series I will be sharing tips and tricks on how to maximize your jewelry collection experience. Today we start with storage!

Inspired Silver Jewelry Boxes

The manner in how you store your jewelry will dictate a few things. First, how long it will last. If your necklaces are tangled, bracelets scattered around, rings hanging in various places, this will really wear down the life cycle. Silver and especially gold need to be kept in the right environment to maintain their gorgeous appearance.

Our suggestion? Jewelry Boxes! Now, any jewelry box will do really, as long as you can separate your pieces. This will help to keep them looking great, as well as set you up with a better system to see what you have. Getting ready in the morning is hard enough, and with your jewelry collection laid out in front of you, it will only make your life easier! Check out some of our favorite Inspired Jewelry and Keepsake boxes. Feeling creative? Create your own with this Etsy tutorial on how to make your own jewelry box!

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