Facebook Refer-A-Friend Contest

Cobblestone Earrings And the results are in!

We would like to thank, and congratulate everyone for entering in our Refer-A-Friend contest last weekend. You all did some amazing work, and many of you went above and beyond all our expectations! Jessica Horne referred the most people to our page! Go Jessica – we hope you and your friends enjoy the earrings.

The following people got 10+ friend referrals: If you referred one of them, please fill out the 10+ Claim Form. We will take your info, match it to our Facebook list then ship out your earrings asap!

Carol Santora, Kanchan S. Negi, Krista Brewer, Marilyn Hagan, Claudia Anda-Maria, Gina Miller Graves, Maude LeCompte Bourgeois, Mary A. Lee, Mommy V Freebies, Kymee Grieve, Lauren Swagbucks, Amanda Seal, Paula Anne Parent, Margaret Castillo Lafferty, Jay Bluevektor, Connie Blake, Felicia Moore, Dawn Walsh, Wendy L. Little, Kathleen Newell, Regina Becker, Amanda Bolin, Heather Boggess, Rae Couch, Brenda Schirmer, Pippi Swagstocking, Daphne Lathem Wooten, Amanda Green, Melina Pereyra, Vicki Laurie, Mike-Shannon Alexander, Mishel Pink, Kim Tan, Stacy Mccormack, Star Struck Luck, Karen Ramirez and Jessica Spencer Forgette.

ADDITION: For those of you who posted for Kathy Carver Brandt / Kathy Brandt / Kathy Carver – she is the same person. Please fill out our 5+ entry form. Thanks!

The following people got at least 5 friend referrals. If you are one of these people, you get the earrings but unfortunately the people you sent to the page don’t get a pair. But don’t be discouraged, look for an announcement in the next two weeks about our next exciting contest! If your name is on this list, please fill out the 5+ Claim Form

Our 5+ club is:
Kym Teale, Ginny Dearing, Andy Ashley Mangus, Cindi Asquith, April Melton Sims, Lisa Fairbridge, Dawn Perrone Habermann, Cindy Curran Collins, Nicole Maldonado and Windy Lacoy.

Thanks to everyone who participated and keep watching for the next contest. We’ll be giving away thousands of dollars worth of jewelry — hopefully you get your share! If you think your name is missing from one of our lists, please leave a comment below with your email, and we will get back to you ASAP!

All contact info must be submitted by Tuesday February 8th by 12:00 AM PST!

Submissions are now closed, thank you all again!

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