Twilight Style: Bellas Engagement Ring

The twilight saga has become one of the biggest phenomena in the last five years. But whether you are team Jacob or team Edward you are going to appreciate what we have for you!

To most adults Kate Middleton’s sapphire tops any other piece of jewelry in the market. But to young adults and teens around the world, Bella’s ring trumps all. Sorry Prince William but you’ve been beat by a┬ásparkly┬ávampire in the jewelry department!

We can’t give you Edward, but we can give you Bella’s signature style with our Bella’s Twilight Inspired Engagement Ring. Be prepared for July’s release of Breaking Dawn part 1 and get your ring now! Or, if you are still dying for Kate’s sapphire don’t worry, we have you covered as well. Check out our version of Kate’s Sapphire Ring!

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