Southwestern style in 3 steps

Southwest Skull HeadIn fashion, much like anything else in life, we have a constantly changing and evolving set of styles and trends to work with. The southwestern influence on fashion has been a consistent motif for many years now and has recently become very popular. There are several key pieces that you should have as a staple in your wardrobe to help you with creating your own southwest flair.

kate_hudsonKate Hudson, one of our favorite hollywood icons has always been known for her carefree attitude and top notch fashion sense. Pictured to the right is Kate in her signature southwestern look. Perfection from head to toe, she incorporates the three key elements that one needs to pull off this style. To create your own southwestern flare, follow these three steps below!

1. Color scheme – Flannel is the new black when it comes to this fashion trend, and your color scheme says a lot about the style you are going for. Florals and pastels for spring, orange and black for halloween so on and so forth. The classic southwestern vibe can be captured in brown, white, black, blue, red, turquoise and orange. Kate sticks to blues and browns in her outfit pictured here, which compliment her blonde locks.

2. Jewelry – You won’t be anywhere until you’ve got your jewelry component set to go. The best pieces to have on hand consist of silver, turquoise, leather and on occasion brass or gold. Kate shows off some lovely oversized bracelets with turquoise and silver elements. Pictured below are some great starter pieces – Delila’s Turquoise Dangles, a Vintage Metal Flower Cuff and a Vintage Turquoise Chain Necklace.
IS silver jewelry

3. Fringe element – Fringe in the south is like spray tans in New Jersey, it’s everywhere! You outfit won’t be completed until you find your own fringe element to add in. There are many  pieces to work with such as shoes, bags, jackets and scarves. Kate chooses a chocolate brown Goldenbleu fringe bag to complete her outfit.

Remember these three steps and you are set to go! So find your favorite flannel, throw on some chunky silver and turquoise jewelry, grab your favorite fringe accessory and stay tuned for more fashion how-to’s and tips in upcoming Trend Alert posts!

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