Trend Alert: memorable jewelry trends of 2010

2010 was a wild year in the jewelry world, with many high points and a few low points as well! We kick started the year in February with a trip to the Grammys. The red carpet was nothing short of inspiring with celebs like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Beyonce setting the bar high with fierce fashion and outrageous bling. As the  year moved on we saw many different jewelry trends develop. Summer blockbusters, celebrity engagements and fashion week were all ingredients in a mix of the hottest trends for 2010.

Wedding Ring ImageWedding & Cocktail Ring Bling

In 2009 Khloe Kardashian gave a new meaning to the term “rock”. Her engagement ring from Lamar Odem was one of the biggest in celebrity history. Following this sparkly new trend this years wedding bling winners were Carrie Underwood and Hilary Duff. Both of these lovely ladies donned gigantic engagement rings and set fire in the world of ring envy. Get their look with some of our signature cocktail rings like the Juliet and Canary.

Strong Motifs

Animal JewelryFor those who didn’t adorn a new cocktail or wedding ring in 2010 there was a suitable alternative. Strong Motifs were all the rage to define your personal style and believe me there were some very interesting ones. Snakes, elephants, coins and keys were some of the most popular motifs… or in the case of Ke$ha it would be lighting bolt face paint, leopard print leotards and feathers everywhere. And not to worry if you are in need of some great animal inspired jewelry you do not need to go to the Jersey Shore – we’ve got you covered! Check out many of our chic animal pieces such as the Serpentine necklace,  the Lucky Little Elfie ring or the Pave Tiger Ring.

Symmetry and Coordination

Statement jewelry used to be the center of every outfit, but 2010 brought us a new perspective of jewelry in fashion. We no longer saw bold necklaces or bangles up to the elbow. Stylish fusion took the place of statement pieces with cold colors such as blacks, whites, blues and grays. Subtly is key when picking out the right earrings or rings to go with this trend. Our Dangle Mesh earrings or Ladies Cuff watch are the perfect picks to accent any outfit.

subtle styles watch and earrings Overall it was a very inspirational year and we learned a lot about several evolving trends. Stay tuned for future Trend Alert posts to find out more about your favorite styles, to discover new styles and see examples of how and who is wearing them!

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